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Cupcakes from the Dark Side

By: Dana Ragazinskas

Welcome to Bleeding Heart Bakery

No one has to fit stereotypes, so why should our baked goods have to? When you think of cupcakes, do you think of tattoos, piercings, and punk rock? We didn’t think so, but this is exactly what you’ll find at the Bleeding Heart Bakery, where they’ve found a way to bring sweets and treats over to the dark side. So let us change the way you look at bakeries by heading over to Bleeding Heart Bakery to pick up some of their delicious punk pastries.


Tattoo Cakes

This bakery is unique in that it’s the first bakery in the nation to be completely organic. They get all of their ingredients from an “all organic” farm, so their prices are a tad bit higher than your average bakery. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Although cupcakes are one of the main attractions here, they also have cakes, donuts, brownies, cookies, scones, croissants, and coffee. This bakery also features cakes that look like pieces of art, even offering wedding cakes that are designed to look as if they were covered in tattoos.

Mean Cupcakes

The Bleeding Heart Bakery makes a mean cupcake, literally. They sell little angry cupcake figurines, waiting to be purchased alongside side an edible treat. When I went to Bleeding Heart Bakery, I picked up a “plain jane chocolate cupcake”, which was to die for! It was a devil food cupcake with creamy chocolate frosting, and curly chocolate shavings. I would definitely recommend it, as a way to satisfy those chocolate cravings.

Edible Guns

For Chicago locals who think they’ve been to every bakery there is in the city, there’s a new cupcake in town. Bleeding Heart Bakery, located in Roscoe Village, is open every Tuesday through Sunday from 7am to 7pm. If you’re feeling creative and want to try and recreate some of their fantastic cupcakes at home, pick up their book, Who You Callin’ Cupcake, on Amazon or at any Barnes & Noble bookstore. So, welcome to the dark side and enjoy.

Their Recipe Book

Location: 1955 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago – (773) 327-6934
All pictures are from the official Bleeding Heart Bakery website. So for more pictures and information, click here!