Hello Chicago!

So you live in Chicago. Have you ever found yourself wondering what else is out there? Well, yeah…us too. And that’s probably why you’re here!  Welcome to the “solution” (cheesy, we know, but go with it). It’s here that you’ll find new ways to entertain yourself without falling into the typical mainstream Chicago activities. Who cares about The Bean or The Sears Tower? (You heard correctly…Sears). Leave those places for the tourists. Come along with us and see all of the places you’ve been missing! This city has a lot to offer, and we’ve found it! Well, not all of it. That’s where you come in! Let us know what even we’re missing! Found a rare place in Chicago that is worth looking into? Post it on our page and we will check it out ourselves and write about it! It’s like a “we help you and you help us” kind of deal. Together we’ll find all the interesting and new things to do in the city, so no local will ever go bored again! If you’re shy, email us at ALocalThing@gmail.com


6 responses to “Hello Chicago!

  1. I really like the concept! It’s fun and exciting for those who have been living in Chicago for years and are looking for some new things to do! Once I gather some ideas together, I will definitely post them on here. I am looking forward to seeing other ideas as well! -Theresa

  2. This is a great idea, you guys do the dirty work and I reap the benefits :p

    Cant wait to see what content is put up here!!

  3. Agreed, it’s the SEARS tower! Willis tower what??

  4. Good concept for sure!

  5. I can’t find my way around a “city” with two traffic lights, so this will help me navigate Chicago…

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